Information Technology

As the most innovative and state-of-the art laboratory in Sri Lanka, LHD has heavily invested in IT and related infrastructure to increase both the quality and efficiency of laboratory operations.

We have leveraged IT most notably in the area of automated information management and the role of our laboratory professionals has been modified in response to this new information environment.

Information Technology is the backbone of our laboratory operations for delivering unmatched value to our customers. It enables our laboratory to deliver accurate, speedy and effective results, utilising state-of-the art laboratory equipment and software. Through our technical collaboration with SRL Diagnostics India, we have a dedicated and experienced team of IT professionals who develop, implement and support IT applications for improving the work processes at LHD. This enables us to enhance Turn-Around-Time (TAT), accuracy and efficiency of patient care by focusing on innovation & latest technologies. CLIMS/CLIMS-Online is the proprietary application used for our laboratory operations. This application is implemented at our lab and collection centres under the license of SRL Diagnostics (India). This application completely automates our laboratory operations and covers all functional areas of a modern multi-specialty laboratory.

CLIMS system minimizes the human intervention / errors throughout the lab process. It uses a globally standardized sample bar coding system for proper sample identification and handling. Bidirectional analyser interfacing with CLIMS completely eliminate human and transcript errors at result entry and review stages, while robust analyser quality control mechanisms ensure the highest accuracy levels of laboratory test results. Step by step TAT tracking and problem sample handling mechanism of CLIMS enables the laboratory management to proactively involve and deliver higher level of care for LHD patients.

Additionally, CLIMS offers the ability to seamlessly integrate with HIS systems of other hospitals and opens doors to partner with these facilities. It has introduced a whole new level of laboratory, doctor and patient interaction, for the first time in Sri Lanka with SMS alerts, web report downloading, report auto emailing, online personal health record archive, online graphical health tracker and a mobile health portal which allows our patients and doctors to access health records at their fingertips.