About Our Lab

Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics (LHD), is the first ever medical reference laboratory in Sri Lanka, dedicated to quality service and patient-centered care. Using the latest and most advanced methods of testing, paired with expert consultation, we are proud to be able to provide the most comprehensive laboratory services in Sri Lanka.

The laboratory services are spearheaded through the expertise of 4 full-time resident consultant pathologists and a consultant molecular biologist, who supervise a team of well-trained, highly skilled Medical Technologists (MTs). We understand that laboratory testing and integrated medical records are a key part of our comprehensive healthcare. Keeping this at heart, LHD, offers a wide range of testing capabilities, across the following departments:

Immunology and Serology
Flow Cytometry
Molecular Biology


Our laboratory professionals offer a range of services, from performing routine diagnostic tests and screening in order to provide clinicians with valuable information for the management of diseases. Therefore, when you have your medical tests performed by our laboratory, you are assured of receiving the highest level of quality and care. Additionally, certification and accreditation programs in which our laboratory participates, represent our on-going commitment to exacting these quality standards.


Our Philosophy

Rather than competing in the healthcare industry, we chose instead to support consultants and healthcare professionals by offering highly complex and unique lab tests, with accompanying consultative support, to enhance their ability to provide an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive management of their patients.

We support our healthcare professionals to succeed and lead the way in transitioning to a value-based healthcare model. Relying on our time-honoured expertise, we are empowering the industry with the most current testing knowledge, highly customized analysis and unparalleled guidance in implementing these tools to attain results.


Technical Services

LHD’s comprehensive clinical and anatomic pathology test menu includes unique technologies such as flow cytometry and FISH technology. Moreover, during the last few years we have added state-of-the art technology such as Liquid Based Cytology; immunofluorescence markers, immunohistochemistry (IHC) markers, Real Time PCR, ImmunoCAP Phadiatop for allergen testing, VITEK 2, automated coagulation, and nephelometry to our facility. LHD boasts of the widest menu of IHC markers and allergen tests in the country.

Currently, LHD has over 900 sample collection centers all over the island and samples are safely and securely transported to the Reference Laboratory in Colombo or the Regional Laboratory in Kandy for analysis.

Once samples reach the LHD laboratory, they are carefully categorized, bar-coded and allocated to a worksheet which details the tests that are required to be carried out for each sample. These are then distributed to the relevant departments under stringent quality assurance systems. On average our laboratories collect a few thousand samples a day.

LHD provides some of the best turnaround times available in the industry, due in part to the advanced instrumentation and automated systems used in specimen receiving, tracking, and retrieving. Test results are also rapidly delivered through a customized information system making LHD the undisputed leader in innovative laboratory testing, led by the efforts of our highly skilled team of consultants and MTs.



We guarantee that when you have your medical tests performed by LHD Laboratories, you are receiving the highest level of quality. But, how do you know? - Certification and Accreditation programs in which we participate represents our ongoing commitment for quality excellence.

LHD is accredited by the “College of American Pathologists” (CAP). Holding the CAP accreditation, which is widely considered as the Gold Standard in laboratory accreditation in the world, means that our laboratories comply with rigorous scientific standards to maintain accuracy of test results to ensure accurate patient diagnosis. This accreditation covers the entire spectrum of laboratory tests with a scientifically rigorous checklist of approximately 3000 requirements which are revised annually.

LHD is also the first hospital laboratory to be granted the ISO 15189 laboratory accreditation by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board.