Vision and Mission


To achieve unparalleled excellence in providing laboratory services in order to facilitate high quality patient-care.


To make excellence a way of life in routine laboratory practice, by providing reliable and timely reports to facilitate quality patient care and to achieve this by using state of the art equipment, skilled, knowledgeable, committed and compassionate personnel adhering to ongoing quality processes; whilst being continuously monitored by international laboratory accreditation organizations.

Quality policy

LHD is committed to assure quality and reliability in all medical examination, while remaining compliant with ISO15189 and other relevant standards. We adhered to the following strategies in order to uphold our quality policy:

  1. We ensure that the quality of test results is based on the application of validated test methods and equipment, trained and responsible personnel, all in accordance with the rules of good laboratory practice;
  2. We seek proper guidance and counsel from our highly educated, well-trained department heads who are experts in their relevant fields and other industry experts, to continuously improve our processes and our service standards.
  3. The management of the laboratory strives to employ experienced, well-qualified, competent staff to handle all aspects of laboratory practices. They are dedicated to updating and improving the skills and knowledge of all employees of LHD by facilitating continuous training and education.
  4. LHD laboratory ensures that the testing services offered are suitable and relevant for clinical use.
  5. All levels of staff at LHD are bound to adhere to laboratory ethics.
  6. LHD takes every possible measure to ensure the accuracy of test results, by utilising certified reference material, conducting internal quality assurance programmes and by participating in well recognized external quality assurance schemes.
  7. Our quality management programme is designed, implemented and continuously monitored in order to improve our contribution to patient care. Results of our quality reviews are employed to enhancing and updating our laboratory’s quality objectives.
  8. We encourage and drive staff who are involved in quality reviews to familiarize themselves with Quality Management Systems, to implement relevant policies and procedures effectively.


Our Journey Towards Excellence

2009 : We at LHD started our quality journey by achieving the ISO 15189:2007 accreditation from the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board in 2009, where we became first hospital based medical laboratory in the country to be accredited by this standard.

2014 : We employed six highly skilled resident pathologists on a full-time basis and upgraded our laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and relaunched our laboratory under a new brand name – “Lanka Hospital Diagnostics”, in 2014.

2015 : We embarked on a new era with the goal of achieving the Gold Standard medical laboratory accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP). We commenced this process by enrolling in the CAP’s proficiency testing programme (PT) in 2015.

This programme is the world’s largest peer comparison programme, with more than 600 surveys which allows laboratories to evaluate their performance regularly and improve the accuracy of the patient results they provide. During the testing programme CAP provided us with unknown specimens for testing, we had to perform tests on these specimens by treating it as a patient sample. The results of the tests are then delivered back to them through an online system and in the event of an unsuccessful performance, the root cause of failure should be investigated and corrective action should be documented.

The CAP PT programme acts as the eyes and ears of the CAP Accreditation Programme by monitoring the performance of laboratories throughout the year. The PT programme also provided educational activities which enabled LHD staff to update their knowledge to maintain the required competency.

2016 : We continued to maintain our reputation quality testing, assessment, research and consultation services throughout the years and adapted the latest ISO 15189:2012 accreditation in February 2016.

2017 : After completing the CAP PT programme successfully with a high degree of satisfactory scores for two years, LHD enrolled in the CAP Accreditation Programme which accredits the entire spectrum of LHD’s laboratory test activities.

The CAP accreditation standard includes approximately 3,000 requirements which need to be met. These requirements are highly scientifically rigorous and are revised every year considering the latest developments in the field.

The general checklist mainly emphasises on the Quality Management System (QMS) of the laboratory, physical environment, patient and employee safety, information management system, whereas, the discipline specific checklist provides requirements that are applicable for each specialized laboratory section.

Laboratory Director plays a vital role in the CAP accreditation and a Laboratory Director’s checklist reviews the leadership capacity a Laboratory Director in managing the functions of the laboratory.

In April 2017, LHD’s processes and procedures were assessed comprehensively by four international inspectors during the CAP accreditation assessment and following the review the lead auditor declared that LHD is eligible for the accreditation awarded by CAP. Upon forwarding the inspection findings to CAP’s Accreditation Council, LHD was granted the CAP accreditation on 20 June 2017, which allowed us to stand proud alongside the best laboratories in the world and to become the first and only laboratory in the country to be accredited by the Gold Standard of medical laboratory accreditation.

Achieving the Gold Standard of medical laboratory accreditation in laboratory testing services was the highlight of our extensive quality journey and there onwards we have strived to maintain our quality, reliability and efficiency through continuous improvement to our policies, processes and people.

The impact of our work has a direct bearing on our patient’s healthcare, which places a special responsibility upon our staff. As such we at LHD take pride in working together as a one team to raise our standards to serve our customers.