The microbiology department at Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics, offers a large number of tests covering Bacteriology, Infectious Diseases, Serology, Allergy and Autoimmunity.


Our Bateriology department is well equipped with the latest technology. Bactec Fx is the newest version of our fully automated blood culture system capable of continuous monitoring. MGIT 960 offers culture and preliminary antimicrobial susceptibility testing facility for mycobacteria. Vitek-2 is the very first MIC based automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing system, which is a first in Sri Lanka.


The serology department is composed of a large number of serology tests performed on automated serology platforms, Architect, ELISA based technology performed on VIDAS, is supported by a large number of rapid, manual card tests. Architect is our newest, fully automated serology platform, capable of performing a large number of infectious disease serology tests, as well as a number of biochemical parameters, with the quickest turnaround time.


Phadia, our newly acquired allergy platform has the capability of testing against 189 allergens, either as a part of a panel of allergies, or individually.

Autoimmune testing

This department offers a large number of autoimmune serology tests, using immunofluorescence and Euro immune manual card tests.

Advisory Service

We strive to provide a high quality supportive advisory service to the clinicians in areas of microbiology and infectious diseases serology, Allergy and Autoimunity.

Together with the microbiology department, the Molecular Diagnostics department is also actively involved in developing quick molecular tests in areas of clinical microbiology and infection control.