We believe in continuous assessments in every step to maintain quality

Quality policy

At LHD, we believe in assessing performance at all steps of the laboratory testing cycle, including pre-analytical, analytical, and the post analytical phase to ensure excellence in medical care outcome. Quality control is an integral part of LHD’s philosophy wherein continuous evaluation of processes and techniques is done to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in the entire analytical process. To support our philosophy, we are following a comprehensive quality system, called 12 Quality System Essentials

12 Quality System Essentials

The policies, processes and procedures associated with these quality system essentials are applied to all operations in the workflow path. Quality management focuses on continuous quality improvement as measured by customer satisfaction

Operating within a quality system enhances our ability to meet and exceed the requirements of accreditation agencies and facilitates service satisfaction for our clients. We also have defined processes for planning and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality system through scheduled internal audits, quality performance monitoring and leadership reviews

Quality system essentials

Achieving, maintaining, and improving accuracy, timelines and reliability are some major challenges for laboratory medicine today. It can be achieved only through a sound management of quality in lab medicine and testing 84 of our laboratory tests have been accredited by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB), in accordance with ISO15189: 2007

Structure Process Outcome
Organisation structure Mission Leadership review Resources Purchasing and inventory Critical materials and services Qualification of suppliers Maintenance of inventory Market recall Event management Detection, documentation, investigation, Categorisation and analysis
Facilities and safety Safety programs Equipment Selection and acquisition Installation qualification Operations and calibration Maintenance and repairs Assessment Quality indicators Internal assessments External assessments Proficiency testing Quality reporting
Personnel Job Qualifications Job Description Orientation and training Orientation and training Competency Continuing education Process Control Validation Process monitoring Quality control Change control Service and satisfaction surveys Customer comments Consultation Needs assessments  
  Documents and records Document creation Change control Annual review Numbering and master Index Record quality and review Retention, storage and retrieval Process improvement Opportunities for improvement Quality Management tools
  Information management Training and reference Guides Software Interface testing